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Plays performed

Stand by Your Man - written by Brian Johnson, directed by Pam Chapman.  Millie - Amber Brown
Destiny - Katie Thomson
Lance - Hamish Avery

Bearing Up - written by Michael Jones, directed by Michael Jones.
Dot - Elizabeth Rose
Jill - Christine Boyd
Voice Bradley Walsh - Jim Kavanagh

Prince of a Man - written by Trish Palmer, directed by Maggie Marriner
Prince - Zach Wylie
Writer - Juliet Boyd

Interval - Easy on Me  sung by Sammie Campbell
Un-PC - written by Brian Johnson, directed by Bernard Holmes.
Eddie - Owen Force
Blair - Zach Wylie
Mandy - Sjaan Fahey

Best Before Date -  written by Colleen Pye, directed by Colleen Pye.
Reg - Bernard Holmes
Maggie - Maggie Marriner
Nicole - Sammie Campbell

Bus Stop - written by Brian Johnson, directed by Michelle Cliff
Charles - Vince Shaw
Man - Hamish Avery
Heather - Carla Wilton
Other Man - Moustache Ventelou
This production was made possible by the efforts and dedication of many people, some of whom are not named here but we know who you are. Thank you!

MC - Michelle Cliff
Production Manager - Colleen Pye
Stage Crew - Brenda Cooke, Moustache Ventelou
Production Team - Maggie Marriner, Michael Jones
Technical Team - Gordon Cliff, Bryce Glover,
Publicity Team - Colleen Pye, Michelle Cliff, Michael Jones
FOH Manager, Kay Aldridge, 
Videographer - Nic Reid
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